Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Weekend

I think I mentioned our new garden in a previous post and I thought I’d put up a few photos to show what we’ve been doing lately. Brian has been diligently tending to two experimental compost piles since we moved into our new place in January and they have been a huge success! This is the garden bed we built using his compost…

And here are some of the tomato seedlings that were started in egg cartons. They have since been moved to larger pots and trays so that their roots have more room. The egg cartons worked out all right but the seedlings were probably a bit crowded from the start. We will definitely have to give some of these away as we didn’t expect one hundred of the seeds to actually sprout!

And a nice photo of the wisteria in our driveway...

Saturday was spent at the markets and in the garden and Sunday was off to the Tinderry Nature Reserve for a walk with Matt and Sarah. Here’s the crew enjoying a picnic on a grassy knoll with a nice view…

And on the way out of the park we saw two echidnas (the only monotremes – mammals that lay eggs - other than the platypus). This one is curled up in protective mode.

Weekends are never long enough!

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  1. Great garden start. Are those barbs as sharp as they look?