Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This morning I went out to sit in the sun on the front steps to trim my fingernails before going off to work. I had just sat down and from around the corner appeared my kitty friend, Bullseye (named by me for the distinctive circular pattern on her side). I’m sure that someone feeds and loves this cat but it is always wandering around near our house and is rather affectionate. Today Bullseye came right up and rubbed all over me as kitties do, leaving a swath of hair on my clothes. But that’s okay with me as I have moments where I desperately want a cat :) She then pushed the door open and walked right in the house, making herself at home and looking for food. Here she is looking like she owns the place...

...and here she is looking a bit unhappy with me for kicking her out so I could go off to work...

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