Thursday, September 27, 2007


There is always a bit of hesitation in creating the blog entry following on from some amazing adventure. Partly that's because I like to see all of the lovely Fiji photos first thing when I log into my blog and partly that's because I know the adventure has to fade slightly into the background as life goes on after the holiday.

That said, it's now quite a bit warmer than when we left for Fiji and that's good news!

Some photos from around the yard to capture a bit of spring....

These photos are of the Camellia bush right outside our front door. It is chock a block (to use a suitable Australian phrase) with these amazing flowers, some bright white and others deep fuschia, all on the same bush!

And when I got home this evening, I checked the mail and heard the possums rustling in the trees as usual but could see that they were on a low branch and I thought I'd grab the camera. Shooting into the dark with the flash, I managed to capture this photo of a possum with a joey on its back!

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  1. See that wasn't so bad! :) And more lovely photos! How cool was it to find not just "possums" but one with a joey in tow even!