Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deua National Park

Brian and I spent last weekend (our anniversary) in Deua National Park with our friends Matt and Sarah. Saturday consisted of a leisurely drive in an easterly direction, well leisurely until the last fifteen or so kilometres which were on a four-wheel drive dirt track. We found the limits of Matt's trusty Subaru Forester (and maybe exceeded them just a bit) as we bounced along ruts, forded a number of streams and climbed hill after hill. Just before dark we found a lovely campsite in a grassy patch well-manicured by the resident kangaroos and wombats. A mob of kangaroos were grazing happily across the way as we set up our tents and prepared dinner. It was only while collecting firewood that we realized there were wombats in the area; their burrows were everywhere and the entrances to some were massive! None sighted that night however.

The next day we spent on a beautiful walk following a meandering stream up to the Bendethra Caves. Along the way we are delighted to see an Australian critter that we've been hearing about for ages, but had not yet had the privilege of encountering...

... a goanna or lace monitor lizard. This one (including its very long tail) was about six feet long! We spotted him ambling through the grass and then he made his way up this tree and just hung out, letting us get a good look at him.

The destination for the day was Bendethra Cave, a limestone cave with a depth of about 250 metres, full of the most unusual shaped stalactites and stalagmites, and complete with a ceiling full of bats. As we'd foolishly left our headlamps at home, Brian, Matt and I had only one headlamp to maneuver through the pitch blackness which included climbing through very small holes, scrambling up irregularly placed footholds and sliding back down slippery slopes, mostly in control. We realized at one point that with only one headlamp and no spare batteries, that we probably shouldn't dawdle. We scurried back out and continued our walk, having lunch beside a babbling stream.

Arriving back at the car, we were feeling a bit cheated out of seeing a wombat as their burrows were everywhere but there was not a single wombat. Well that was nicely remedied on our drive out. Scattered across the grassy meadows were kangaroos and wombats all munching contentedly on grass. One little wombat even let us get pretty close to him and we got some adorable photos as we listened to his "scruffle munching" as I like to describe it.

Oh the cuteness!


  1. Oh my goodness, it looks huge! Can you give some sort of reference size? :)

  2. Wow. What a lizard and great cave. First few leaves are starting to turn color here.

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