Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ACT Sustainable Cities Awards

On Tuesday I attended the 2007 Australian Capital Territory Sustainable Cities Awards with several other people from the ANUgreen Sustainability Office. The awards recognize sustainable practices across the territory in nine categories including water, green building, resource efficiency and transport, among others. We had submitted entries for four ANU projects and were extremely pleased to be cited for awards in four out of the nine categories.

I had entered the Sustainability Learning Community, the group I coordinate that offers students the opportunity to link their studies to practical campus sustainability projects, and didn’t really expect to win anything. After it was clear that ANU was being recognized for everything it submitted I had a slightly nervous feeling in my stomach as the envelope was opened for the last award (yes there really were sealed envelopes with the sponsor saying “and the winner is…”). The last award to be announced was the Young Legends category and I’m sure I had either a dazed look or a goofy smile as I heard “….and the winner is the Australian National University….” and realized that the only project left was mine! All very exciting and unexpected. Now I’m the coordinator of the Award Winning ANU Sustainability Learning Community – that’ll make future promotional materials look a little shinier :)

Young Legends Category
Winner: The ANU Sustainability Learning Community for Empowering Change Agents in the Campus Community

Sustainable Transport Category
Winner: LEAD Development, ANUgreen and the Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre for the ANU Bicycle Cooperative

Urban Habitat Category
Highly Commended: ANUgreen for Life in the Suburbs

Resource Efficiency Category
Highly Commended: ANUgreen for the HotRot Organic Recycling Project


  1. Great job. It must make you very proud to the coordinator of an award winning sustainblility learning group. We are proud of you.