Monday, July 23, 2007

Didgeridoo Competition

Two weekends ago we went with a friend to a didgeridoo competition at the National Museum of Australia here in Canberra. There were three adults and three kids in the competition and it was great fun to watch. The didgeridoo is such a fascinating instrument. All the sound that you hear is made by the vibrations of blowing into the instrument and can be manipulated by the persons tongue and voice. Players use a special breathing technique called circular breathing, where you breathe in through the nose while simultaneously expelling air out of your mouth using your tongue and cheeks. Sound impossible? It’s not, but I certainly can’t do it. Give it a try with a straw and a glass of water. Try to continuously blow bubbles while taking breathes in through your nose. Didgeridoos are a traditional aboriginal instrument made out of eucalyptus tree trunks that have been naturally hollowed out by termites. They are supposed to be the oldest wind instruments. The following is a short video from that afternoon of an eight year old playing the didgeridoo. Enjoy!

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