Friday, June 01, 2007

Worms and Pasta

I can't believe it’s Friday already! It’s the end of semester for students and I feel pretty lucky at the moment because I get all the joys of being part of the university without having to submit assignments! Of course, I have a giant to-do list but there’s generally less pressure and none of that end-of-semester torment.

Tonight I planned an end of semester celebration for the Sustainability Learning Community members. We were donated a worm farm for composting and we set it up this evening. After our worm workshop we had a fabulous dinner of pasta with sauce made by one of the members from the tomatoes we harvested recently from our campus garden. Had garlic toast and pasta and chai afterwards. It was such fun! Some photos of the evening below…

Preparing the worm bedding

Dinner at the Environment Centre – homemade pasta sauce from our tomato harvest!

I bought 3000 worms for the project and kept 1000 for myself. This weekend Brian and I will be setting up our own worm farm at home. Brian is already experimenting with two compost piles outdoors, one enclosed in a black plastic bin and one an open heap. Both are coming along nicely and getting quite hot. Planning for some gardening in the spring. Our worms will live in a Styrofoam box with a lid in the walkway between our house and our neighbors. We are looking forward to the joys of worm parenting!

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  1. Another good reason to make and drink beer - so you can have the spent grains to help grow worms.