Friday, May 25, 2007

Winter Coming

Brrr....getting much colder these days. Having to "rug up" before heading out of the house in the mornings - ie gloves and scarves and fleece. I'm feeling the cold more than I did last winter and it's not even fully winter yet. Our last place had a second story and townhouses on either side so we were pretty well insulated. Which believe it or not is a luxury in Canberra. It is a well known fact that very few houses are adequately insulated and our new place is no exception. We love the location and really like the flat but we were roasting in the summer and now freezing in the winter. As I write this it is probably, no joke, about fifteen degrees warmer OUTSIDE than it is in here. In fact, the other night I scraped some freezer burnt mango sorbet into the sink and it was still there intact in the morning! We have individual heaters in each room and try to only heat the rooms we're using, hence the cold kitchen overnight, but still! I can't complain about the weather outside however, in fact we quite like the winter here. It'll be cold in the mornings and evenings but during the day you are pretty much guaranteed blue skies and spring-like weather.

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