Sunday, May 27, 2007


Another lovely weekend coming to a close. Saturday began with our usual trip to the markets. A recent frost has spelled the end of many of our favorite fruits – the plum people were gone this week – so sad! Now just lots of apples…

Then laundry (which no longer actually dries when out on the line) and dinner at an Italian restaurant we just recently discovered. Saw the documentary “Wordplay” last night about The New York Times' crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz and the national crossword puzzle convention – really enjoyable and quite funny, even if you’re not a puzzle fan.

This morning slept in and woke to Brian making me the most perfect looking mushroom and four cheese omelet you’ve ever seen. Then we had lunch outside of Canberra with our friend Joshua at a little art gallery that once a month serves wood-fired pizzas. Yum! Joshua brought a bottle of red wine to our lunch (a Marquis Philips Shiraz to be specific) and while the wine was quite nice (and long gone), we are still puzzling over the label.

The label consists of the odd creature shown below and states,

“The mythological creature on the front label, the Roogle, represents the lasting friendship and the shared destiny that link our two countries.”

The winemakers are located in Australia and the distributors in the US, but their choice of image is well, a little creepy, and I’m just not sure what they are saying. We often comment on the similarities between the US and Australia (and therefore of Americans and Australians) but the sentiment conveyed on the label reads more like a political / marketing statement than a genuine expression of camaraderie. What is our shared destiny anyway???

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  1. Roogle Red 2004 - Pick of the week in Seatle, with this additional information:

    "It seems the roogle is a combination of the Australian red kangaroo and the American bald eagle. OK, I admit I thought it was clever and funny and even refreshing. Wineries often take themselves far too seriously.

    Marquis Philips wines began as a joint venture between American importer Dan Philips and the Australian wife-and-husband winemaking team of Sarah and Sparky Marquis, giving inspiration to the roogle mark. Roogle Red came about a few years into the venture when a decision had to be made on what should be done with the wines that didn't fit into the blend for the winery's more upmarket wines. Each year the blend varies according to what wines are available. If all the wine is used for the first-tier bottlings then no Roogle Red is made that year.

    The '04 Roogle Red is 80 percent shiraz (Aussie for syrah) and 20 percent cabernet sauvignon. This is a big and burly red wine with a powerful, spicy nose and a mouthful of ripe black fruit. Try it with something braised, such as a lamb shank lightly seasoned with clove, cinnamon and cardamom."

    Sounds good to me.