Saturday, May 26, 2007

More about My Job

I really, really like my job. In fact, I feel that I have quite a privileged role at the moment. I work in academia but I don't teach (I wouldn't mind that at all though) and I do research, but it's what you might call action research. I come up with cool projects and then I talk to lots of people and try to make them happen. And I write, a lot.

Yesterday we held the first stage of a project called Weeds, Wetlands and Wildlife. It's a landscape rehabilitation project on the ANU campus that will remove a bunch of invasive species and will then reintroduce natives with the intention of recreating natural wetland and grassland environments. This will not only create a beautiful space in place of an overgrown and neglected mess; it will create a home for birds, frogs and other critters and create a green corridor to Black Mountain Nature Park. It’s a great project because it involves the ANU, the National Botanic Gardens, and several other organizations, both government and non. And it meets my job "duties" by fostering opportunities for students to take an active role in campus community projects and feel a sense of investment in the campus.

I am also planning a big event for World Environment Day on June 5th. It’s our second annual Great Green Debate, last year with a climate change topic, this year a water topic. "Securing Our Water Future: Social Change or Technological Innovation?" I’ve managed to get quite a few big names and interesting presenters including the Western Australia Greens Senator and a variety of people doing research on water and technology and behavior change. Last year was hugely successful and I hope we can do it again. We'll have drinks and a semi-formal sit down dinner for sixty guests including the speakers, students and invited guests. So event planning has been my full time job for about the last two weeks. It's all coming together nicely at this point....


  1. Renewable Water Resources:
    There was a canoe protest this last week (RiverFest in Cleveland) in the Gorge Park in Cuyahoga Falls. They are considering a hydroelectric dam on the river. Green energy, but at the expense of the Gorge.

  2. Just catching up, but I'm just tickled about all the great things you have going on over there. They are SO lucky to have you and you are so lucky to be involved in a place where things really seem to be moving in a positive direction with lots on the horizon. Kudos!