Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Must Be Hungry

Foods I Miss From Home

My Mom’s Cookies. Any and all varieties. Those of you who’ve tried one know what I am talking about.

Mexican. This includes my favorite Cleveland Mexican restaurant, Cozumel; my favorite Minnesota Mexican restaurant, La Casita, and its nachos with queso dip and half price strawberry margaritas; and finally, Chipotle veggie fajita burritos with black beans.

Black Beans. These get special notation because they are a staple of my Mexican cooking at home and they do not exist here. I refused to believe it for many months, but its true.

Warblers Roost Mead. Nectar of the Gods.

Thai Ice Tea. There are lots of Thai restaurants here but none of them serve Thai Ice Tea. This leads me to believe that the creamy and caffeinated sweetness is not actually a Thai phenomena.

Fake meat. That is, a particular variety of faux sausage that makes the best vegetarian "sausage" and egg bagel sandwich ever.

Ben & Jerry’s. ‘Nuff said.

Foods I'll Miss When I Go Back Home

Asian food. There are Asian restaurants everywhere so I have my pick of Indian, Thai and noodle houses whenever I want. A vegetarian’s delight.

Laksa. An Asian dish that gets special mention as I'd never heard of it before coming here. Red curry coconut milk soup with veggies and tofu – yum!

Turkish. Not so many Turkish restaurants around MN or OH that I know of, and Turkish pizza has won my heart. Picture pide bread stuffed with cheeses and herbs….yum.

Iced Coffee. I’m not talking coffee poured over ice here. This magical creation involves espresso, milk, ice cream and cream…..mmmm… favorite summer treat.

Tarts. Cookies don’t really exist here and the cakes aren’t always the best, but tarts add a whole new dimension to dessert. Oh, well that reminds me, the cheesecake at the National Library of Australia is the best.

Tim Tams. The ubiquitous Australian chocolate biscuit. People think I’m CRAZY because I like to slather them with peanut butter :)

Locally grown fruit from the farmer's market. A Saturday morning ritual outing.


  1. I will have to check at the World Market to see if they have Tim Tams. You reminded me - time for lunch.

  2. Mmmm. Tim-tams. *drools a bit*