Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Moonshadows

Saturdays are one of our favorite days and last Saturday was no exception. We start the weekend by riding to the markets and stocking up on fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. Currently we are gorging on plums and pears. The season for peaches and nectarines just ended and I was sad to see it go. We’ll often have a cup of coffee at the market with friends, then come home and make eggs and bagels for breakfast with a pot of tea, followed by an afternoon of reading and often hiking in one of the local nature parks. Last Saturday evening we had a lovely dinner at a Japanese restaurant and then went to see a show called Moonshadows at the Canberra Theatre. Those of you who know of my love for Cat Stevens’ music will appreciate my excitement. It wasn’t Cat Stevens performing, but a local artist who sounds just like him (no kidding) and performed over twenty of his songs interspersed with a commentary on his life and music. It was just delightful. Apparently in the seventies, one out of every two Australian households owned a Cat Stevens album. Obviously people are still loving him and still discovering his music. It was a sold out show.

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