Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rain and Dinner Parties

Another lovely Saturday this weekend, though the ride to the markets was in the rain. It hasn’t rained in ages however, and the water situation in Australia is getting rather dire. The Murray Darling Basin is a huge catchment but in some areas the water has actually just stopped flowing. The Prime Minister has suggested that without rain soon, farmers in the area will get no irrigation allocation for winter crops and valuable wetlands in the area may be cut off from the river, leaving countless species of birds and other animals with no place to go. So needless to say we were happy to be riding in the rain.

Then last night had a dinner party with two other couples at our place. I made an African style pineapple and peanut stew (sounds weird but so yummy) and rice and our friends brought a lemon tart and home-baked muffins. Add to that several bottles of wine, cheese, bread and crackers and you’ve got yourself a great evening.

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