Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Green Everywhere

Green Grass

The ANU is steadily being repaired and I'm back to my office and getting into my new job. My office wasn't affected by the storm but the carpet in the rest of the building is smelling pretty foul. It's getting a bit cooler these days as autumn approaches...I even had to wear a sweater on my way to uni yesterday morning. And with all the rain, things have been greening up and it's so nice to see! I got a whiff of freshly mowed grass the other day and it stopped me in my tracks; I couldn't remember the last time I'd smelled that fragrance. Everything has been so crispy and dry for so long that there haven't even been lawns to mow....

Green China

On another green note, China has announced that they are planning to take a cut in their economic growth in order to reduce emissions. As the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, one of the biggest coal consumers and home to five of the world's most polluted cities, this is an ambitious goal to say the least. They are planning on closing many old heavy industries including iron foundries and steel mills for expected reduction in economic growth from 11% last year to 8% this year.

China goes for green before growth

And in other interesting green news, Australia has named scientist and conservationist, Tim Flannery, Australian of the year. Looking for something to read? I recommend his latest book, "The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change."


  1. Yesterday I used the snow blower to remove about 4 inches of new snow for probably the last time this year in Ohio. By the end of the day, the places where I had cleared snow were dry and in the remaining places, the 4 inches of dry snow became 2 inches of wet snow - and bright sunshine this moring. So while your sweater is coming out, I am starting to consider moving heavy coats out of the closet and into storage.

  2. Jennifer, it is interesting to read this archive. When we were in New Zealand we were talking with a local Kiwi who was trying to push for a new way to store and use energy, he mentioned using the ocean tides. From the tides moving in and out he believes he can use a device to store the energy it uses. Very interesting. It gives me peace knowing that our nations are coming together to finally help resolve this issue! YEAH! GO GREEN! Miss you tons!
    Love, Krista