Monday, February 26, 2007

Murramarang Weekend

Had a lovely weekend camping on a south coast beach in Murramarang National Park. Here's Brian with our friends Sarah and Matt at our camp kitchen.

It was good to get away for the weekend because I've hardly felt like I've had a vacation even though I submitted my thesis two weeks ago. I've been catching up on life and laundry and cleaning and settling in to the new place. I did manage to hang up the hammock in the backyard and get some quality reading time in. Fiction that journal articles for once! And the annual Multi-Cultural Festival was last weekend so we got to hear some good music and eat good food so that was fun as well.

I am supposed to be starting on the new project mentioned in a previous post but I'm having trouble motivating myself to get started. Plus my wrist is hurting lately (not the one that was injured in the accident-that one is perfectly fine). My right wrist is experiencing some strain from my close relationship with my desktop in the last few weeks of the thesis. So that's not helping me want to go back to the desk....

I've been doing a few Rotary engagements as well now that I have a bit more time. Spoke at my host club last week and am speaking tonight at another local club.

Haven't had any photos of creepy crawlies or any critters lately so thought I would include a photo of a really cool spider that has taken up residence on our back patio. Its an orb weaver and it doesn't bite so we can be friends.

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