Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Master Jenn :)

It's been five weeks since we've been home from Tasmania and I've been glued to my computer for most of that time. All of that hard work has paid off and on Friday the 9th of February I submitted my master's thesis! As the result of one year's work, I am very proud of it! Now I am taking a one week holiday before I will start working for ANUgreen (the campus environmental management organization) on a project very closely related to my research. I'll be working on getting students more involved in hands-on environmental projects on campus and will be expanding the organic garden and planning events through the Sustainability Learning Community.

And as if studying and writing my thesis weren't enough to keep me busy, we found a new place and moved in the last month. It's in a great location and still very close to campus. It's furnished as well and near the local shops in a little suburb called Lyneham. It has been ridiculously hot which makes it all the more strange to hear about how cold its been recently back home. Thinking I may go and hang up my hammock in the back yard now...


  1. Terrific that you finished the Masters. Heather came over last night to pick up Teagan and had enough trouble coming up the hill she decided to be snowed in with us. Lots of school closings this morning and deep and blowing snow. Send us some of that heat from Australia.

  2. Hi Jenn!

    When are you coming back to Ohio? I'm going to be back the 18th of March, and have already scheduled a round of speeches at Rotary clubs up north and around Columbus. I've also volunteered to speak at the Outbound Scholar orientation in Pittsburg in June.

    I'm sure your year was jsut as fabulous as mine (judging by your blog!) Whenever you get back we should definitely meet up!