Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Massive Summer Storm

At the end of the Rotary meeting in Hall last night and on the drive home, a major lightning storm was beginning and just before going to bed it was starting to rain heavily. As things got louder and louder we had to get up and have a look out the window to see what was going on. Golf ball sized hail was slamming onto the house and piling up on the ground! This morning we started to hear of the damage.

Apparently ANU got hit the worst. There was damage to 70 buildings on the campus, some of it quite extensive as in entire roofs caving in. My department has water damage and the office I just moved out of had the skylights cave in! Classes have been cancelled for the rest of the week and you can't even in get in to the buildings.

I cannot convey to you how surreal today has been. It is summer in Canberra and we just had a massive ice storm. It doesn't even snow in the winter!

The most appropriate bit of news is that John Howard is in Parliament today to discuss climate change...

For some pretty interesting media coverage of the event with storm footage see the following link:

Its actually starting to rain and hail again as I write this! Brian is due to be cycling home from work in about a half hour....

A few images to convey the scene. It may not seem strange to those of you in MN and OH especially but just remember, its been about 90 degrees the last few weeks.

An image from the Bureau of Meteorology showing just how hard Canberra got hit...

A scene from downtown....

Water at ANU...


  1. Seems strange to see people cleaning up all of the ice in short sleeves.

  2. So bizarre. Interested to hear what people are saying about how this came to be? Did they see it coming?

    Much Love. Let's catch up soon!