Tuesday, December 19, 2006


International Environmental Policy

I know, I know….my blog has been neglected for a few weeks now. Right after the trip to Berry from my last posting I started a two-week block course on International Environmental Policy. It was a great course but I had no life for its duration. Between going to lectures and tutorials and preparing for the next day, I’d say I spent an average of twelve hours a day on the course. That was pretty exhausting as you can imagine and Brian started saying that it was only people still on their feet at the end of the course who would get High Distinctions.


It’s bushfire season in Australian and I find it a bit surreal to have days where the air is literally thick with smoke and people just go about their business as if nothing were wrong. Only a few small fires have been anywhere near Canberra though. The smoke blows in from Victorian fires and from the Blue Mountains in NSW.


Off to Tasmania soon with our friend Chris for a cycle tour around the island. Unfortunately, there are bushfires in Tasmania as well and we’ve already had to alter our planned route to avoid them. Yes, we’ll be very careful and plan to steer clear of any dangerous spots. Should be cooler in Tasmania than it is here as it’s much further south. It’s been in the low nineties for a few weeks now and January is supposed to be even hotter. I still have trouble referring to December as summer.

A New Home :(

Sad face because we have to move out of our lovely apartment…and have not yet settled on a new place. Our apartment is owned by the ANU and we can only stay for 12 months to make way for new incoming international students. Fair enough, but we are having trouble finding anything anywhere near as nice or in as great of a location. And every place we go to look at has fifteen other people viewing it who are desperate to find a place to live. Hoping that works out soon after we get home from Tassie.