Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sustainability Learning Community Organic Garden

Plans to start an organic garden on campus are finally coming together! We just received official approval from the university to go ahead with the garden. So last Monday we had a working bee to get the beds prepared. We have a really lovely site overlooking the lake in an unused back lot of the university, behind a university childcare facility.

We offered pancakes and eggs to anyone who wanted to come out for the working bee and started the day at 8am. We decided to put the bed in a large abandoned sandbox as it already had wooden edging to act as the box for the garden. Its about six feet by ten feet and we'll only have the one bed at first as an experimental plot. So we dug out a fair bit of the sand and pulled out the weeds and then the university garden crew delivered compost mixed with topsoil. Then we built a rabbit fence out of chicken wire about a meter outside of the bed. Had a bbq lunch and finished at three! Now we'll be ready to plant the seedlings we've started in pots in a few weeks when exams are finished and everyone has a a bit more time on their hands.

Here are a few photos.

Before (child care center in background)

The daycare kids come to visit. We hope to have them involved with starting their own seeds and helping with the garden where possible.

After. Okay not terribly exciting...yet!


  1. Yea for gardens and kids pitching in!! :)

  2. Sounds like a great time and good weather.