Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Bike Story

Brian recently decided that he "needs" a new bike. Now I say "needs" because in our possession in Australia we currently have a tandem, two commuter bikes of not the best quality, and a junker bike that Brian rescued from the side of the road but hasn't touched since. So as he commutes to work daily, he thought a new bike would be a nice new toy.

He wanted another Bike Friday (foldable and packable like our tandem) and had started to think about having one made (in Oregon) and getting it shipped here, an expensive and time-consuming process, or having it rushed to be made and shipped to Cleveland so Brian's parents could bring it over in September. Then I remembered that on the Bike Friday group ride we did back in May, a guy stopped us and said he had a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket in his garage that he wanted to sell. Since I didn't know how to actually get a hold of this guy, I sent some emails to the BF organizers here and asked if they knew how to contact him. That same afternoon we went out for a ride around the lake on the tandem and as we were stopped at the top of a hill looking out at a great view of the lake, who bikes past us but that very same guy. So I yell out, "hey are you the guy with the Bike Friday in your garage?" and he stops and says yes he still has it. That was yesterday and today we went over to his place to look at it and brought it home. Got a great deal and it included the travel case. It's a super nice bike and the same color as the tandem. Very exciting.

Oh, and just to make the story a little cooler, the guy we bought it from is Michael Milton, the fastest Australian skier ever (and on one leg!). By fast I mean 132 miles per hour on skis, well one ski. He's got a great story...see

So everybody's happy and there is now one more bike in our living room. Here's a photo.

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  1. Great looking bike and terrific story. I guess because Australia is so-o-o small, you could almost expect to meet him the next day. Ha.