Friday, July 28, 2006

Second Semester

Nothing incredibly exciting to report as I'm back at it for second semester. I'm full time again but it doesn't seem like it, yet. Half of my semester is dedicated to independent research which is slowly solidifying and besides that I'm now doing a course called Greening of Business. The other course I'll do as a block course in the spring (Nov-Dec) and it will be International Environmental Policy. So the only course I actually have to go to at the moment is Greening of Business from 4-7 on Wednesday evenings. I'm working on coming up with a schedule for research so I don't whittle my days away doing nothing.

I think I've also managed to transfer programs from a Master of Resources, Environment and Society to a Master of Environmental Science. The requirements are very similar and I only switched because Environmental Science is a bit more self explanatory and mainstream.

As for other bureaucratic business, I've only just discovered that I have to go through the university ethics committee for approval to do research (interviews) on humans. Talk about red tape. I have to complete this horrendous document of fifteen pages detailing my plan for participant recruitment, consent, interview questions, legal considerations, confidentiality, and you get the idea. Then I have to make fifteen copies of it! Wouldn't be such a problem if I had more than a day to think all that through. As you can see I've decided it would be much nicer to update my blog than dive into that project...

Back to work.

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  1. Some of my IRB research proposals are only questionaires. Yes, we review questionaire concent, confidentiality (of data), privacy (of people, esp. if sensitive questions - drugs, aids, etc.), recruitment (non-coercive, esp. with fellow employees or students - use of data, ability to withdraw from the study, blinding of the data (e.g. random number assignment), and so forth.