Friday, May 26, 2006


Oh, my poor neglected blog. Not to mention my husband and my house...
I've been plodding away on all of my essays and presentations and it all should be done by about the second week of June. Then we are taking a well deserved holiday. Other students at uni keep commenting on the excessive amount of work we seem to have in my department. I love it though; it's all fascinating. Though sometimes it's hard to remember that I'm here to learn and not just to pump out work for the sake of work. When I focus on that, it's all much more enjoyable.

Anyone heard of Google Trends? It's at and you can put in a search word and see where in the world that word is searched for the most. So if you type in "sustainability" you will find that Canberra, Australia is the number two city in the world for the most searches on "sustainability." Crazy eh? As I'm writing a major research essay on the need to incorporate the concepts of sustainability into our educational systems (all levels of course, but I'm focusing on Education for Sustainability in the university), I like to think that I have a small part to play in that :) Melbourne is the number one city and a US city doesn't even show up until number eight. Any guesses? Answer at the bottom.

Went to a very nice Rotary lunch the other day with the scholars in the area and our host counselors. Quite nice. My host is off to the US and Canada for a two month holiday with his wife. They've just retired and are busy remodeling the house and traveling. Lovely people.

Oh, and to answer the question from Janet's blog, I have not yet said that I'm from Canada.

We've now set up web conferencing so we've been able to chat with family at home. Brian's family had a reunion and we of course couldn't make it so we set up the web conferencing and I even "met" some of his cousins for the first time. And we got to play virtual peek-a-boo and blow virtual kisses to my year and a half old cute!

A: Portland, OR.

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  1. I actually guessed Portland, OR. Maybe because of Brian's travels there and the large number of brewpubs. (Cleveland was my second guess.)