Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Roo and Joey

Here are some photos of kangaroos at Kosciusko National Park in the Snowy Mountains from my field trip last weekend. Is the little joey in the pocket the cutest thing ever or what?

The kangaroos in the campground expect to be fed so they would come and check you out and promptly leave if you had nothing for them.

I'll put up some photos of the Snowy Mountains soon, but don't expect photos of the wild and free Snowy River. Most of it has been diverted for Snowy Hydro power generation. In fact, the river was only allocated one percent of its original flow. So while Snowy Hydro bills itself as clean, renewable energy, it's had a pretty significant environmental impact in that not much lives in the Snowy anymore. It's all been diverted west for irrigation. Quite a contentious issue here with farmers, grazers, irrigators, the power company, the national park, and downstream towns all having quite different opinions on where the water should go. At least it's one less nasty coal fired plant...


  1. Cute pictures. And wind power kills birds. Go solar or atomic.

  2. solar supports big oil and nuclear energy carries its own risks. 'course human power is cruelty/danger free.

    but the thing i really have to comment on is the absolute contrast you and brian pose to one another, jenn. while he's eating kangaroo, you're feeding them. i love it.