Sunday, April 23, 2006

Holidays Come and Gone...

Well my two week Easter vacation is over and I must say, it didn't feel much like a vacation! After returning home from Melbourne, I spent most of my time working on essays. I managed to get quite a bit done without the interruption of always having to run off to class though.

On Saturday I was in Sydney for the day for a Rotary regional scholar orientation where we talked about responsibilities as scholars and how to give effective presentations. The best part of the day was meeting the other scholars in the region and getting to know the others here in Canberra.

Here's a funny story. I was talking with a woman from London who is studying international relations at the ANU and we were talking about bicycles and I mentioned my dollar bike and she said "that's you! I've heard about you, you're famous!" Apparently word has gotten around that some girl got a bike for one dollar and it's big news. Funny, eh?

You might be thinking that we must have enough bikes by now, but you'd be quite wrong. On the way home from a shopping trip the other day, we saw a number of random things on the curbside from someone who had recently cleaned house, including a bicycle. Well we just couldn't let it go to the trash now could we? It's a lovely 1970's model cruiser that we'll keep in our shed out back in case we get company.

The other interesting part of the day was hearing inspirational stories about the accomplishments of past Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars such as Billy Campbell, president of Discovery Channel, U.S. He has a cool job! Other notable Rotary scholars include Paul Volcker Jr, Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Carter and Reagan; Bill Moyers, Journalist; David Mulford, US Ambassador to India; and Roger Ebert, Film Critic.

Other than that I'm still working on planning my global warming debate which is coming together quite nicely.


  1. Global warming debate? Are you Pro or Con?

  2. you guys need to get access to a welder so you can make something interesting with all these beater bikes.

    just imagine brian on this.