Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rotary Scholars

The chair of the district 9710 scholarship committee organized a dinner the other day for all of the scholars studying at the ANU to finally meet each other. The others are from Japan, England, and Korea, and there is another American who was working for the state department in DC before coming here. They are ALL studying international relations because apparently, this is the place to be for that field. I hear that all of the best researches and professors worldwide in international affairs are actively recruited to come here.

Actually, the university is well known for its environmental activities as well and for having what is probably the "greenest" campus in Australia. And it is perennially regarded as Australia's best university. So I feel like I chose the right place in terms of the best program; its blending of social and environmental sciences is quite unique (and the major reason I decided to come here). I am meeting great people in my field and learning so much!

So, anyway it was great to meet the other scholars but I am definitely the oldest by a couple years :) Ah well, with age comes wisdom right?

Also, the local district has funding this year to offer an outgoing ambassadorial scholarship for the first time in quite a few years. So, I'm actively telling all of my friends on campus that they should apply!

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