Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Boating and Bushwalking

Last weekend was quite a full weekend and I've been recovering from it ever since! Saturday morning I spent at Lake Burley Griffin helping out the Canberra Sunrise Rotarians at Dragon Boating. Picture long boats with an ornately carved dragons head at the bow and a tail in the stern and 12-18 paddlers lining both sides of the boat plus a drummer to keep time for the strokes and a helmsman. Rotarians were responsible for timekeeping in the 200 meter race so I spent the morning with a stopwatch and lots of anticipation! It's tiring to be constantly waiting for the gunshot to signal the start of the race, and then hoping that all of the timekeepers start at the same time....not very high tech timekeeping. But it was fun and a nice way to spend some with the local Rotarians. And by the time we had perfected our technique, our shift was over.

Now Sunday was the really exhausting day...our friends were going rock climbing at Booroomba Rocks in nearby Namadgi National Park. So we got a lift with them so that we could spend the day hiking while they were climbing. We planned a route ourselves the night before and then confirmed with the ranger at the visitor center in the morning that it would be a good hike. Our friends left us at the visitor center to walk to meet them at the rocks and we took off on the 13 kilometer adventure up to the top of Mount Tennent at 4537 feet (1383 meters) and then down the other side. We started early enough so the day was cool and the hike to the top was quite easy really, except for the last kilometer which was STEEP, and hot by then. We were plodding on up to the fire tower at the top and as we round the last corner I see a friend from uni and some others I know from my courses! How funny that we have only a handful of friends here and yet we run into one at the top of mountain with no one else in sight! Had lunch at the top and then made our way down the other side which started off easily enough, but soon we were in open bushland in the blazing sun for several kilometers. That part was flat but it was close to 100 degrees and very tiring by that point. The sun here is noticeably hotter. By the time we got to the last kilometer we were just about out of water and had another stretch of uphill to reach the car park where our friends car was. Needless to say, we were very happy to get there and our muscles have been recovering ever since. Feeling fine now, but postponing further bushwalking for cooler days.

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  1. I haven't checked your site in a few weeks and am delighted to catch up. It certainly sounds like you are both having a great time and making the most of this opportunity. Good for you and three cheers for the Rotary.