Saturday, February 04, 2006

We've Arrived!

Well January 2006 has no doubt been the fastest month of my life. In December things started gearing up for this big move but January just flew past between arranging housing, packing and spending time with family and friends.
We had a lovely going away party the Sunday before departure and it was so wonderful to see everyone. Thanks to all who came to show their support!

And the big news is, we're finally here! The trip was only mild torture in the many, many, many hours on the plane. The connections were all very smooth and there was almost no waiting in airport layovers. Our flight to Sydney was an hour early (imagine that) so we were through customs earlier than expected and were able to get on the 9:15 bus to Canberra instead of the 1:15. And all of our bags arrived...
So we got in before anyone expected us....I tried to call my host counselor Stephen from a friendly strangers cell phone on the bus but he was golfing. So once we arrived, I called again and talked to his wife and they came right away to get us. With two cars for all our bags :) He had our keys to the apartment and we went right there...its so great! We are living in a two bedroom university owned apartment, much like a townhouse with two floors. Its very nice - spacious and clean. Nice furnishings and Stephen says its three hundred times better than the other place we considered. No A/C but it cools off nicely in the evening so we'll survive for the month or two of summer that's left.
Since we got in so early we were able to get our bank account set up, get some groceries, and retrieved the modem from the post office to get our DSL service set up, so as you can imagine Brian is now happy too.
We had a lovely dinner with my host Rotarian, Stephen, and his wife, Jan, and son, Joshua last night. Grilled barbecued salmon and local wine to go along with good company. They are wonderful people and have truly gone out of their way to help us get settled and get acquainted with our new city. Had a new "mixed drink" called a Shandy, a light beer with lemonade in it...quite refreshing.
We live in a suburb called O'Connor on a tree lined residential street. Just a block or two down the street are the local O'Connor shops with a pub and a couple cafes, a grocery store, a bike shop, a post office and Vietnamese restaurant. Each of the suburbs here has its own little block of shops so it makes for a nice gathering place. We are very close to both the university and the city center so we couldn't be happier with the location. Ate at the pub today and I'm rather happy that I can get a falafel burger right down the street :)
I'll be posting photos of the apartment just as soon as some of the bags get put away.
Thanks for reading...


  1. We look forward to the Down Under Adventures. I forwarded the e-mail to other friends/relatives that might be interested.

  2. I look forward to hearing about you & Brian and seeing some pictures too.
    I forwarded your email to Mike & Maya and to Sandi too. I see that both you and Sandi have degees in Anthropology.
    Uncle Bill