Thursday, February 16, 2006

Week Two

We've been here almost two weeks now and we are feeling mostly settled in. We've found the grocery stores that we like and are learning our way around quite well. Starting to feel like home.

I went to my first Rotary meeting here at the Canberra Sunrise club, my host club, and gave a short presentation on my background and why I chose to come to Australia. It went well and I presented the club with two banners from Ohio clubs and an Arch Klumph medallion. They all knew who he was already. In case you're wondering, Mr. Klumph was a Cleveland Rotarian who started the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, also a president of the Cleveland club and Rotary International.

We are still delighted with our apartment and have met the neighbors. There are eight apartments in the building and only two don't have children. That's us and our next door neighbors, a young couple from Singapore. Our other neighbors are from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, and Korea, I believe. All the little kids play together every evening and though they're a little loud sometimes, I always think how wonderful that they have each other for a little multicultural event every evening. So cool....

Oh, and the other night as I was making dinner there was some crazy pounding at my door and I look over to see four little faces peering in the window. I go to the door and some of the kids were delivering me fresh garden tomatoes! They went right into my pasta and were delicious.

Classes start next week and I have decided on three of the four that I'll be enrolled in. I plan on sitting in on a few others to make the final decision then. And I've met with several professors who could be possible supervisors for a research project I'll be starting. Don't ask me the topic yet; I'll be sure to let you know when I figure that out.

In the morning I'm joining a Sustainable Learning Communities project on campus and we'll be planting trees near one of the residence halls. Apparently they'll be doing of number of environmental projects on campus so I'm looking forward to working with them.

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