Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Exploring Canberra

Brian's friend Chris from Melbourne has been visiting us for the past several days and we've been busy. We biked around Lake Burley Griffin in the center of the city, an artificial lake named for Walter Burley Griffin, an American architect who designed the city of Canberra. It was a great ride on the tandem, mostly green space all around the lake and a pass through the heart of the city. Very nice.

And thanks to Chris and his car we've got groceries in our fridge, some goods from the Salvation Army, and two beater bikes. We have our Bike Friday packable tandem with us but we only want to use it for serious rides, not to leave outside the grocery store down the street. For more info on our super cool bike that fits into a suitcase for travel, see So we acquired two fairly decent mountain bikes. That's a funny story. Apparently good used bikes are fairly hard to come by here in Canberra according to the local bike shops, so we started looking on ebay. There were only two bikes up for auction in Canberra and one was a mountain bike with a starting price of 99 cents. So we placed a bid on it and went out for dinner. Got home and strangely enough found that we won the bike for 99 cents! The auction had a little note below the price saying "approximately US 74 cents." How's that for a great deal! It rides quite nicely but I'm not worried about it getting stolen.

I've also finally met the American Rotary scholar who was studying here last year and had dinner with him last night. It's been very nice to fall into a community where we know a number of people already. And my host Rotarian continues to be helpful in getting us settled and answering our questions as well.

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  1. now THAT is funny. I want to see some pictures of your new 74 cent bike. :)

  2. Once I saw a guy get out of his car and pull a bike out of a suitcase. It was rather amazing! You should visit Bike Friday in Eugene, Oregon.

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. So glad that things are just falling right in place as they should. Good Karma and Much Love your way!! :)

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