Saturday, February 04, 2006

Canberra Apartment

Canberra Apartment

tn_DSCF0312.JPG (200x150; 6214 bytes) Main bedroom upstairs with study nook to the left

tn_DSCF0317.JPG (200x150; 3847 bytes) Bed and one of many large closets

tn_DSCF0313.JPG (200x150; 6559 bytes) Study nook

tn_DSCF0315.JPG (200x150; 4617 bytes)
Second bedroom upstairs

tn_DSCF0316.JPG (150x200; 6260 bytes) Bathroom upstairs

tn_DSCF0318.JPG (200x150; 4768 bytes) Kitchen

tn_DSCF0319.JPG (200x150; 5818 bytes) Laundry off of kitchen

tn_DSCF0322.JPG (200x150; 5879 bytes) Living room and front entryway

tn_DSCF0326.JPG (200x150; 6555 bytes) Living area and kitchen

tn_DSCF0329.JPG (200x150; 6079 bytes) Living and dining

tn_DSCF0331.JPG (200x150; 10478 bytes) Eucalyptus in the front yard

tn_DSCF0333.JPG (200x150; 8450 bytes) Front of building

tn_DSCF0335.JPG (200x150; 6695 bytes) Jenn in front entryway

tn_DSCF0346.JPG (200x150; 10062 bytes) Front yard

tn_DSCF0347.JPG (200x150; 9287 bytes) Back yard

tn_DSCF0348.JPG (200x150; 8738 bytes) Back yard other direction

tn_DSCF0349.JPG (200x150; 2699 bytes) Outlets, don't forget to flip the switch...

tn_DSCF0350.JPG (200x150; 3204 bytes) Flushing choices


  1. Nice apt. and surrounding area. Big kitchen.

  2. wish i could blow up the pics. it seems that may have been your intention but it's not working.

    anyways, glad to hear you guys made it safely. :)

  3. Mmmm...falafel and local Vietnamese. Congratulations on the new place. Keep us posted. Love Tim & Kristy.

  4. Flushing choices. Fabulous. I love this place already.


  5. Jen,

    The apartment and area look great. Glad you all made it there safely and it's been fun so far! Can't wait to follow your journey...

    Allison (Dr. N)

  6. I especially like the photo of Brian...